Copper Kitchen Double Bowl Sink 30″ AF-01-AF-45


Copper Kitchen Sink 50/50 Bowls 30″.  Choose From (15) Patina Finishes, (3) Surface Texture Finishes And (45) Apron Front Designs.  Custom Build This Sink To Any Size.  Custom Copper Design Store.  Phone Orders Always Welcomed.  Call Customer Service 800-989-5166.

Copper Kitchen Sink 50/50 Bowls. (45) Apron Front Designs Available.

We Are A Custom Design Store. We Build To Your Specifications.

KSDB- 30″ AF-01- AF-45   Copper Kitchen Double Bowl Sink 50/50

Apron Fronts Available For This Sink: AF-01 – AF-45

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Custom Design This Sink:   1) Choose From (16) Patina Finishes – Mix & Match Patinas.  Choose One Patina For The Sink And Another Patina Finish For The Design  3) Choose From (45) Apron Front Designs 4) Choose From (3) Surface Texture Finishes 5) Choose A Closed Apron Front Or An Open Channel Apron Front.  We Build To Any Size. Custom Orders Welcomed.

 Closed Apron Front:  Wraps Around The Side Of The Sink 4″.  Designed To Fit In To An Open Area.   Open Channel Apron Front:  There Is A 1″ Space Between The Back Of The Apron Front And The Front Of The Sink.  Designed To Slide Down Over The Top Of A Cabinet Facer Board.

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Sink Size:  30″ L x 22″ W x 10″ D   Bowl Sizes: 12″ L x 18″ W x 10″ D

Sink Drain:  3 1/2″

Additional Depths Available:  6″, 7″, 8″, 9″, 10″ Or 12″

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Build This Sink To Any Size. Call Customer Service At 800-989-5166.

 16 Gauge 99.9% Copper.

All Sinks Are Hand Made When The Order Is Placed

Please Allow 4-6 Weeks For Your Sink To Arrive. All Delivery Times Are Estimated. Pricing Includes Freight (47) States (Rural, Remote Or Ferry Freight May Incur Additional Fees).  No Sales Tax Is Charged Outside Of Nevada. Phone Orders Welcomed. Call 800-989-5166.

Copper Kitchen Sink

KSDB 30" AF-01-AF-45

CK Sink Patina

Brown, Brown Dark, Brown Dark Splattered, Coffee, Dark, Dark Brown, Dark Brown Splattered, Golden Bronze, New Coffee, New Penny, Old Penny, Raw Copper

CKS Surface Texture

Hand Hammered, Smooth, Smooth (Light) Hand Hammered

CK Sink Bowl Depth

10", 6", 7", 8", 9"

CKS Apron Design AF-01 - AF-15 Set

AF Not In This Set, Apron Front AF-01, Apron Front AF-02, Apron Front AF-03, Apron Front AF-04, Apron Front AF-05, Apron Front AF-06, Apron Front AF-07, Apron Front AF-08, Apron Front AF-09, Apron Front AF-10, Apron Front AF-11, Apron Front AF-12, Apron Front AF-13, Apron Front AF-14, Apron Front AF-15

CKS Apron Design AF-16 - AF-29 Set

AF Not In This Set, Apron Front AF-16, Apron Front AF-17, Apron Front AF-18, Apron Front AF-19, Apron Front AF-20, Apron Front AF-21, Apron Front AF-22, Apron Front AF-23, Apron Front AF-24, Apron Front AF-25, Apron Front AF-26, Apron Front AF-27, Apron Front AF-28, Apron Front AF-29

CKS Apron Design AF-30 - AF-45 Set

AF Not In This Set, Apron Front AF-30, Apron Front AF-31, Apron Front AF-32, Apron Front AF-33, Apron Front AF-34, Apron Front AF-35, Apron Front AF-36, Apron Front AF-37, Apron Front AF-38, Apron Front AF-39, Apron Front AF-40, Apron Front AF-41, Apron Front AF-42, Apron Front AF-43, Apron Front AF-44, Apron Front AF-45

Apron Design Patina

Coffee, Dark, Golden Bronze, Match Sink Patina, New Penny, Old Penny, Other Patina

CKS Apron Frame

No Frame Apron, Short Apron With Vents, Standard Full Apron, Standard Short Apron No Vents

CKS Apron Front Open Or Closed

Closed Apron Front, Not Sure Need Assistance, Open Channel Apron Front

Open Channel Apron Depth

Adding Closed Apron Front, Apron Depth 6", Apron Depth 7", Apron Depth 8", Apron Depth 9", Not Sure Need Assistance

Customer Service

Customer Assistance Needed, No Customer Assistance Needed