Copper Bar Sinks

Mix & Match 16 Patina Finishes. Choose From 200 Decorative Designs. Build To Any Length, Width Or Depth.

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    Bath Tubs And More Is A Custom Copper Design Store.  We Do Not Carry Mass Marketed Products In Stock. By Custom Designing Your Copper Sink, You Can Build To Any Size Or Design You Wish. We Offer Over 200 In Store Decorative Designs For Creating Gorgeous, Customized Sinks, Or You Can Email Us A Photograph Of A Custom Design You Love.  View: Copper Bar Sink Options            

How To Design Your Custom Copper Bar Sink:  1. Choose Your Copper Bar Sink Style   2.  Choose Your Size.  Odd Sizes Welcomed.  3.  Choose Your Patina Finish. 16 Patinas Available.  4.  Choose Your Decorative Design (If Adding).   5. Choose From (3) Surface Texture Finishes  6. Approve Your Copper Sink Line Drawing. 

No Order Ships Without Customer Approval First.  That’s Our Guarantee You Will LOVE Your Copper Sink.

You Are Visiting Our Design Store. To View Pricing, Click On Any Link Below. Standard Sizes Are Available To Order Online, But We Welcome Odd Sizes. Line Drawings Provided With All Paid Orders For Approval.  Add Custom Decorative Designs To The Interior And Exterior Of Your Copper Bar Sink.  Mix & Match (16) Patina Finishes.  Creating Custom Copper Is Fast, Easy And Fun. 800-989-5166.
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Why Settle For What’s In Stock When You Can Custom Create A One Of A Kind Copper Bar Sink For Your Home?  Custom Designing Copper Is Fast, Easy And Affordable.  Customer Service 800-989-5166.
Copper Trough River Sink With Dragonfly Design Added.  Patina Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze. Dragonfly Patina: Old Penny  View Sizing And Pricing

Copper Round Bar Sink. Shown With A Custom Grape Apron Front Design. Patina Finish is Brown. Design Old Penny.        View Sizing And Pricing

Copper Bar Sink Rounded Front Or Rounded Back. Install Either Direction. Patina Finish: Mate Copper  

Copper Square Bar Sinks.  Custom Build To Any Size You Require. Add 1 1/2″ Drain Hole Or A 3 1/2″ Drain Hole. Shown In Coffee Patina With Seal Shell Design. Mix & Match Patinas.     View Sizing And Pricing  

Add A Decorative Design To The Interior Of Any Of Our Copper Bar Sinks. Shown In Old Penny Patina With Border Tile Design.     View Sizing And Pricing    
Copper Rectangle Bar Sink.  Custom Build To Any Size You Require. Hand Hammered Or Smooth. Shown In Coffee Patina.     View Sizing And Pricing  

Custom Design Added To A Round Copper Bar Sink. Dark Patina With Golden Bronze Lion. Design Only Carved.  View Copper Bar Sink Options

A Copper Tile Design Carved On A Copper Bar Sink. CT-017 Deer In Old Penny Patina. Sink Patina: Coffee  Entire Square Tile Carved.
Copper Grape Designed Carved On (4) Wall Of The Copper Square Bar Sink. Grape Design Is Coffee To Match The Sink.
Copper Square Bar Sink Patina Finish: Dark. Hand Hammered Surface Texture.
Copper Square Bar Sink. Patina Finish: Old Penny Smooth Surface Texture. 3.5″ D Drain Hole Drilled. X Drain Lines Carved.    View Sizing And Pricing
Copper Rectangle Bar Sink. Patina Finish Shown: Flame * Hand Hammered Surface Texture
Copper Texas Bar Sink.  Patina Finish: Coffee Patina. Hand Hammered Surface   View Sizing And Pricing 
Copper Tri-Angle Bar Sink. Patina Finish: Old Penny Patina. Hand Hammered Texture.      View Sizing And Pricing
Gorgeous Square Bar Sink. Patina Finish: Brown With Grape Designs. Over 200 Store Designs Available Or Add A Custom Design      View Sizing And Pricing 

We Are A Custom Copper Design Store.  Looking For An Unusual Size Or Design For A Copper Bar Sink?  We Can Build It For You.  You’ll Love Our Gorgeous Patina Finishes For A One Of A Kind Copper Sink For Your Home.  Call Us Today To Start Design Your Copper Bar Sink!

We Welcome Questions Regarding Our Design Process. Please Call Customer Service At 800-989-5166 For Assistance With Your Custom Copper Bar Sink Today.     What’s On Sale?  Current Coupons And Discounts

Bath Tubs And More Is A Custom Copper Design Store.  No Matter What Copper Product You Are Considering Buying, We Can Build It To Any Size, Design Or Style.
Custom Designing Copper Is Fast, Easy And Affordable. Everyday We Build Amazingly Beautiful Copper Products For Customer’s Homes and Offices. What Can We Build For You? Customer Service 800-989-5166.
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