Copper Apron Vessel Sinks

copper apron front designss

Create Amazingly Beautiful Copper Kitchen Sinks By Mixing & Matching 16 Patinas, Or By Adding Custom Apron Front Designs.

Copper Kitchen Vessel Sinks Have 3-4 Finished Aprons So That They Can Sit On Top Of The Counter Top. When Adding (3) Apron Fronts (Front Side / LH Side / RH Side) The Back Side Is Left Open.  The Sink Would Be Installed Against A Wall, So That The Back Side Is Not Seen.  If All (4) Sides Will Be Exposed To The Room, Then Select (4) Aprons For A Finished Look.  With A Freestanding Copper Kitchen Vessel Sink, You Will Need To Use A Wall Faucet Or A Deck Mounted Faucet.  Check For Coupons & Discounts
If You Are Not Using A Wall Mount Faucet, You Can Add A Copper Flange
To The Back Of Your Sink. This Will Allow You To Drill A Hole In The Flange For Your Faucet. The Back Of The Copper Sink Has A Standard 2″ W Flange. For Best Results When Adding A Faucet, Select At Least A 3″ W Flange.
The RH Finished Side Of Copper Sink Can Be Exposed To The Room

Front Side Of Copper Vessel Sink.   Check For Coupons & Discounts

back side of a copper vessel sink

     Back Side Of Copper Vessel Sink With A 5″ W Flange

Added And Faucet Hole Drilled.  This Sink Would Be Installed Up Against A Wall, Because The Back Side Is Unfinished And Open. This Sink Has (3) Finished Sides With Aprons.  


The LH Finished Side Of Copper Sink
 Can Be Exposed To The Room.
With A Copper Kitchen Vessel Sink, You Can Add A Design To Each Finished Side, Creating An Original, Gorgeous Copper Kitchen Sink.

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custom copper vessel sink with 5inch back flange

Custom Copper Kitchen Vessel Sink With 5″ Back Flange Added.  Holes Are Drilled For The Faucet And Soap Dispenser.  Choose The Location, The Number And Size Of The Holes Drilled For Your Faucet.  This Sink Has A Custom 3″ Wide Front Top Rim, 1″ W Side Top Rims And A 5″ W Back Flange (Rim). Custom Design Your Sink However, You Like.  Everything We Build Is Custom Made To The Customer’s Specifications.

When Custom Designing Your Copper Kitchen Vessel Sink, The Same Options Available For Our Standard Apron Front Sinks Apply.

View Copper Kitchen Vessel Sinks With Pricing

Choose From (16) Patina Finishes, (3) Surface Texture Finishes, (45) Apron Front Designs, The Overall Length, Width And Depth Of Your Copper Sink.  
Since There Are (3-4) Aprons On Your Sink, You Can Choose To Add A Design To Just The Front Of The Sink Or To All (4) Sides.  It’s Up To You.
Line Drawings Are Provided For Approval For All Copper Sinks We Build. You May Make Any Changes To The Drawing That You Would Like.
Custom Sizes And Designs Welcomed.  We Build To The Customer’s Specifications. Call 800-989-5166.