Copper Tiles

Custom Copper Tiles.  Everything We Build Is Built To The Customer’s Specifications. Odd Sizes Welcomed. Images Provided Of The Copper Tiles Before They Ship.  We Do Offer One FREE Patina Change If You Are Not Pleased With The Patina Finish.  No Order Ships Without Customer Approval First.  That’s Our Guarantee You Will LOVE Your Copper Tiles.

How To Design Your Custom Copper Tiles:

  1. Mix & Match 16 Patina Finishes For Amazingly Beautiful Results.
  2. Choose Your Copper Tile Size.  Odd Sizes Welcome.  We Built To Your Measurements.
  3. Create A Custom Copper Tile Design By Emailing Us A Photograph Of A Design You Love Or Of A Design You Already Have In Your Room.  Custom Designing Copper Is Easy.
  4. Mix & Match Any Of Our Copper Tile Designs And Sizes To Create Our Minimum (10) EA Copper Tile Order Requirement.

Because Our Tiles Are Custom Made When Ordered, A Minimum Order Of (10) Tiles  Is Required.  The Exception Is If You Are Ordering An Additional Copper Product For $225.00 + With Your Tile Order.  Then You May Order Less Than (10) Copper Tiles.The Easiest Way To Order Any Custom Copper Product Is By Phone. Not All Custom Options Are Available In Our Shopping Cart”.

  What’s On Sale?

If It’s Copper; We Build It.  Call Customer Service 800-989-5166. Hours: Monday – Friday; 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. PST.  Phone Orders Are Always Welcomed.

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