Copper Bath Tub Options

How To Design Your Copper Bath Tub

Opt #1  Choose The Patina Finish (Mix & Match)

Choose One Patina Finish For The Interior And One Patina Finish For The Exterior.  Each Patina Finish Is Hand Created By Adding Multiple Patinas Together.  The Ending Result Is Always Gorgeous, But No Two Patinas Are Ever Alike.  Depending Upon The Light Surrounding The Patina Finish, The Patina Will Lighten Or Darken Naturally.                                

For Additional Examples Of Completed Copper Bath Tub Patina Finishes

Copper Bath Tub Photographs
 View Our Copper Patinas

Examples Of Our Gorgeous Copper Patina Finishes

copper bath tub with coffee patina finish
copper bath tub with old penny patina finish
Old Penny
copper bath tub with nickel plated coffe patina finish
Nickel Plated / Coffee
Copper bath tub with new penny patina finish
New Penny
copper bath tub with golden bronz patina finish
Golden Bronze
copper bath tub in brown patina
copper bath tub in dark patina
copper bath tub brown-dark
copper bath tub brown-light
copper bath tub in dark brown splotch
Dark-Brown Splotch
copper bath tub raw copper
Raw Copper
Keep In Mind When Deciding Your Patina Finish, How Your Patina Will Change With The Light Around It.
There Is No Doubt That Copper Is Beautiful. Bath Tubs And More Offers 16 Patina Finishes That You Can Mix & Match To Create Amazingly, Gorgeous Copper Products.
With Darker Patinas, The Patina Will Turn Reddish In Bright Lights. There Is No Getting Away From That Fact. With The Lighter Patinas (Golden Bronze, New Penny, And Old Penny) They Will All Resemble Each Other In Certain Lighting.  That Is Because To Create Each Patina Finish, Multiple Patinas Are Blended Together.
Photograph To The Left:  “A” Old Penny Outdoor Light *  “C” Indoor Overhead Light. “B” Golden Bronze Outdoor Bright Light * “D” Indoor Overhead Light.
You Can See From The Pictures, How Wide A Variation There Is In Patina Shading With The Lighter Patina Finishes.  For People Who Love Their Color Scheme To “Match Perfectly” The Lighter Patinas May Cause Some Disappointment. When Decorating With The Lighter Patinas, Incorporate New Penny, Old Penny And Golden Bronze In To Your Color Scheme For Happy, Positive Results.
When Building Multiple Copper Products, It’s Best To Build Those Products With The Same Manufacture. The Reason Being, Each Manufacture Creates Their Own Patina Finishes From Scratch. One Manufacture’s Coffee Patina May Not Match Another Manufacture’s Coffee Patina.  At Bath Tubs And More, We Keep All Images Of Completed Products On File.  That Way If You Come Back A Year Later And Order An Additional Copper Product, We Have A Record Of Your Patina Finish On File. That Photo Helps Us Duplicate The Original Patina Finish, As Closely As Possible.

We Offer One Patina Change At No Charge. Our Guarantee You’ll Love Your Custom Copper Bath Tub.

Opt #2  Choose From (3) Surface Texture Finishes.  One Surface Texture Finish Available For Single Wall Copper Bath Tubs. Double Wall Copper Tubs Can Use (2) Surface Texture Finishes. Example: Interior Smooth, Exterior Hand Hammered.

Three Samples Of Our Patinas Below:    Top Patina) New Penny Patina In Old World Smooth  *  Middle Patina) Coffee Patina In Hand Hammered  *  Bottom Patina) Nickel Plated Patina In Smooth (Light) Hand Hammered

Hand Hammered Is The Typical Surface Texture For Most Products.  A Smooth Hand Hammered Finish (Our Most Popular Texture) Is A Hand Hammered Surface That Has Been Rolled, So There Is A Light Surface Imprint, Resulting In The Hand Hammered Finish Being Smoother To The Touch.  Old World Smooth Is A Unique And More Difficult Surface Texture To Apply.  The Slight Rolled Appearance To The Smooth Surface Creates An Artistic, Old World Look To The Bath Tub. (Old World Smooth Is NOT The Shinny Rolled Copper Seen On Aftermarket Bath Tubs)No Matter What Surface Texture You Choose, Our Copper Bath Tubs Always Turn Out Stunningly Beautiful.  Would You Like Close Up Images Of Our Surface Textures? 800-989-5166.

Opt #3  Choose The Size Of Your Copper Bath Tub.

Copper Bath Tubs Listed Are Standard Sizes. Have An Exceptionally Small Area For Your Bath Tub, Or Would Like To Build A Tub Larger Then 72″ Long?  We Build To Your Specifications. Call Us For Pricing For An Odd Size Copper Bath Tub.
Did You Know We Can Pull The Side And End Walls Out To Create More Length And Width For The Bathing Well?  To Determine The Length And Width That Will Accommodates Your Body Style Best, Please Do The Following.  Sit On The Floor With Your Legs Straight Out In Front Of You. Measure From The Back Of Your Hips To Your Heels (Toes Up).  For The Width, Measure The Widest Part Of Your Hips. We Will Use These Measurements To Help You Choose The Perfect Size Tub.
Measuring Your Current Bath Tub Will Give You An Excellent Idea Of The Bathing Well Size That Will Work Best For You.
Bath Tubs And More Is A Custom Copper Store.  Each Product Is Built To The Customer’s Specifications. We Provide Line Drawings For Your Approval. You May Make Any Changes You Wish To Your Drawing To Create A Custom Copper Bath Tub That Is Stylish And Comfortable.

You Can Design Your Center Slope To Any  Measurement. 3″, 5″, 7″ Or Custom. 3″ Is Basically Straight Across And Is The Least Amount Of Slope That Can Be Added.

The 5″ Slope Is Chosen Most Often.

When Designing Pedestal And Claw Foot Bath Tubs, The Height Of The Side Wall Will Not Only Change The Appearance Of Your Bath Tub, It Also Dictates The Water Depth Of Your Copper Bath Tub.
If You Build A 30″ H Bath Tub, The 30″ H Is From The Floor To The Top Rim Of The End Lounger.  To Figure Out The True Depth Of The Bathing Well, There Are Several Numbers That Come In To Play.  The Overall Height Of The Bath Tub; The Height Of The Base (Standard Height Is 4″), The Slant Of The Side Wall Slope (Generally 5″ Or 7″ ) And Whether An Overfill Hole Is Added To The Bath Tub.
As An Example:  30″ H (End Lounger)  Minus 5″ (Side Slope) = 25″ H. Now Deduct The 4″ Base = 21″ H.  The 21″ H Is From The Bathing Well Floor To The Top Of The Center Side Rim. (7″ Slope Results In A 19″ H Or 19″ Water Depth).
Claw Feet Height: Claw Feet #2: 4″ H. Claw Feet #1 & #3: 5″ H.
If Adding An Overfill Hole, Deduct An Additional 3.5″ To Arrive At 17.5″ D (21″ H) Or 15.5″ D (19″ H). This Is The Measurement From The Bathing Well Floor To The Center Of The 1.5″ D Overfill Hold Drilled On The Side Wall. We Build To Any Height.  To Increase The Water Depth, Choose To Build Your Copper Bath Tub To A 31″ H Or More.
The Slope Of The Bath Tub Is Not Just Cosmetic, But Plays An Important Part Of The Overall Depth And Comfort Of The Bath Tub.

Opt #4  Choose Whether To Add A Custom Decorative Design.  Examples Of Designs Added To Our Copper Bath Tubs

BT-003 Drop Copper Bath Pedestal Tub With Interior Copper Tile Designs Added.

BT-006 Copper Double Wall Tub Exterior Copper Tile Design Added.

BT-013 Copper Tub W/Design Apron Front Design On Base

BT-010 Copper Bath Tub Apron Front Design On The Base. *  Use Any Of Our Store’s 200 + Designs

For Our Single Wall Copper Pedestal Bath Tubs, You Can Add Decorative Designs To The Flat Base Or Pedestal Base.  For Drop In Bath Tubs, You Can Add Designs To The Interior Walls.  For Double Wall Bath Tubs, You Can Add Designs To Both The Interior And Exterior Walls.

Copper Bath Tubs:   Pedestal Pricing  *  Double Wall Pricing  * Claw Foot Pricing

Base Or Pedestal Base Tubs:   BT-001, BT-004, BT-007, BT-010, BT-013 
Drop In Tubs:   BT-003, BT-005
Double Wall Tubs:   BT-003 Japanese, BT-005 Japanese, BT-006,  BT-008, BT-015, BT-016

Have Questions About Designing A Copper Bath Tub?  We Love To Hear From Our Customers. Customer Service Will Walk You Through The Designing Process, To Make Sure The Experience Is Easy And Enjoyable.
Custom Copper, It’s What We Do.

Choose Your Decorative Design From Any Of Our (45) Apron Front Patterns Or Add A Custom Design.

Apron Fronts & Copper Border Tiles Can Be Added To Your Cart At Check Out. For Copper Tiles, Please Note Your Tile Selection Under “Special Instructions” At Check Out. Phone Order: 800-989-5166.

Choose Your Design From Any Of Our (158) Copper Tile Patterns Or Add Your Own Custom Design.

View Our Copper Tile Themes For Ideas On How To Create Your Custom Copper Bath Tub Design. View Our Store Designs For Patina Ideas:                                                          Apron Fronts Or Copper Tiles    

apron front design in golden bronze
copper tile options

              To Submit A Custom Design, Please Email Your Image To:             To Start The Process

  Copper Border Tiles

Match Your Copper Bath Tub Design To Our Copper Lavatory Sinks, Copper Tiles, Copper Murals And Copper Shower Pans.  Adding Decorative Designs Is A Fun And Easy Way To Create Original Copper Products For Your Home – That Are Personalized To You!

We Realize That Deciding On Which Design To Add Can Be Overwhelming. We’re Happy To Assist You With Your Designs. Please Call 800-989-5166.
Opt #5  Choose Your Claw Feet For The BT-011, BT-012 And BT-014 Copper Claw Foot Bath Tubs. Three Designs And Three Finishes Available. We Also Build Custom Claw Feet, If You Don’t Care For Our Standard Selection Of Claw Feet  Designs.
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Three Finishes Available: Brass Finish  (A Combination Of Nickel Plated & Brass)  Nickel Plated (Matches Our Nickel Plated Patina) And Coffee Patina.                                                                                                   
Three Standard Claw Feet Designs: 
Claw Foot #1 Lion
Claw Foot #2 Bird Claw
Claw Foot #3 Bear Claw
If You Find A Claw Foot That You Like Elsewhere, Just Email Us A Photograph Of That Design.  We Custom Build Claw Feet For All Our Custom Copper Bath Tubs.
Copper Bath TubsClaw Foot Pricing
Opt #6   Choose Your (4) Top Rims Width For Drop In Or Under Mount Copper Bath Tubs.  Each Top Rim Can Be Build To A Different Width.  Add A Larger Top Rim On One Side For Shampoos And Soaps To Sit On.
Add 1″ H Tile Flanges To Drop In Bath Tubs That You Will Be Tiling Down To The Top Rim. Add Front Aprons For A Finished Appearance To Your Drop In Copper Bath Tub.  Add Decorative Designs To The Front Apron. The Apron Can Be Added To Each Side Of The Copper Tub That Will Be Exposed To The Room.  Large Interior Seating Area With The BT-005.

Copper Bath Tubs:  Drop In Or Undermount Pricing

BT-005 Drop In Copper Bath Tub With Front Apron And 5″ W Front Top Rim. Other (3) Top Rims 2″ W. Raw Copper Patina. Wood Support Frame Required For Drop In Tubs.

                                                                                                                        BT-005 Copper Drop In Bath Tub With Front Apron And Design. Large Side Top Rim For Soaps And Shampoos. Brown-Dark Patina Finish. Hand Hammered.

                                                                                                                      BT-005 Copper Drop In Bath Tub With Copper Tiles Carved On The Interior Wall. Carve On 1-4 Walls. Coffee Patina Finish With Golden Bronze Designs. 2″ Top Rim All Four Sides. Everything Is Custom.

Opt #7  Choose The Placement Of Your Bottom Drain Hole And Decide Whether To Add An Overfill Hole.

2″ D Bottom Drain Hole Drilled 5″ From Center Side Wall.  1.5″ D Overfill Hole Drilled In Photo.

2″ D Bottom Drain Hole Drilled In The Very Center Of The Bath Tub Floor.  

End Location. 2″ D Bottom  Drain Hole Drilled 5″ From End Wall To The Center Of The 2″ Drain Hole.

Add A 1 1/2″ Overfill Hole If Required. Overfill Hole Follows Location Of Bottom 2″ Drain Hole. All Copper Bath Tubs Can Be Built With A Bottom Drain Hole Only. Please Note: Double Wall Copper Bath Tubs Have A 2″ Bottom Drain Hole Only.  No Overfill Hole Is Available With The Double Wall Bath Tubs.  This Is Because There Is A 2″ Space Between The Two Walls.

 Opt #8  Choose Whether To Add A 4″ Cut Out On The Pedestal Base For A Freestanding Drain Kit. 

Copper Pedestal Bath Tub With 4″ Cut Out Added
For Concrete Floors Or 2nd Story Bathrooms Without
Access To Plumbing Underneath The Floor.

Copper Pedestal Bath Tub Without 4″ Cut Out. Drain Attaches From Underneath The Floor. The Pedestal Base Sits 4″ To 6″ High And The Interior Of The Base Is Open.

Opt #9  Choose Between Two Copper Gauges Offered:
(14) Gauge (Medium) Or (12) Gauge (Thickest).

What Makes Our Copper Bath Tubs So Stunningly Beautiful, Is The Quality (12 Gauge).  Our Copper Bath Tubs Are Designed To Last Several Lifetimes, Without Morphing Or Changing Shape, As Lesser Gauge Copper Bath Tubs Will Eventually Do.  The Difference In Quality Between A 16 Gauge And 12 Gauge Bath Tub, When Sitting Side By Side, Is Quite Evident. Quality Matters.

The Reason Our Designs Look So Amazing On Our Copper Bath Tubs, Is Because Of The Thickness Of The 12 Gauge Copper.  With Thinner Gauge Copper, The Designs Will Not Be As Pronounced As With 12 Gauge.

Found A Copper Bath Tub Model You Like?   We Custom Build To Any Design Or Size.  Call Us Today For Pricing.
Email Us An Image. The bath tub can be made from Acrylic, Stone or Cast Iron line drawing.
Use Any Of Our Design Options To Create A Custom Copper Bath Tub For Your Home.
Opt #10.  Add A Bench Seat To Our Japanese Or Drop In Tubs.  Support Metal Frames Are Included To Provide Structural Integrity To The Seating Area.  All Support Frames Must Be Installed Under The Bench Seat And Placed Firmly On The Floor For Proper Support For The Copper Bath Tub.  Failure To Install The Support Frame Properly Can Result In Damage To The Tub.  Add A Custom Bench Seat To The BT-003 Or BT-005.  Choose The Height And Width Of Your Bench Seat, As Well As The Bench Seat’s Location In The Bathing Well. All Drop In Bath Tubs Require A Wood Encasement To Support The Top Rims. Top Rim Should Only Rest On Top Of The Wood Frame. Bottom Of Tub Sits Firmly On The Floor.
Opt #11.  Build A Copper Bath Tub Model Not Shown In Our Store Selection. We Can Build Most Bath Tub Models In Copper.  Found A Line Drawing For An Acrylic Bath Tub That You Like?  Email Us The Line Drawing For A Price Quote.  Found A Copper Bath Tub Model Elsewhere Online That We Don’t Offer?  Just Email Us An Image Of The Bath Tub Or The Line Drawing, If Applicable.
We Welcome Custom Copper Bath Tub Designs.  You Can Even Create Your Own Copper Bath Tub Layout If You Wish.  Just Email Us A Line Drawing (Nothing Fancy Required) Of How You Would Like The Bath Tub Built.  We Will Provide You With A Price Quote. Pricing Includes A Custom Line Drawing For Your Approval. Line Drawings Are Provided With Paid Orders. (2) Revisions Of The Line Drawing Are Included With Our Pricing. After (2) Revisions, A $75.00 Per Change Will Be Billed.                                                                                                                                                View All Our Copper Bath Tubs With Pricing
                                                                                                          Customer Service 800-989-5166.
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