Copper Bathroom Sinks

copper tile samples for sinks

Add Decorative Copper Tile Designs To Any Of Our Copper Products. Mix & Match 16 Patina Finishes. Create Amazing One Of A Kind Copper Products For Your Home. Everything We Build Is Custom. What Can We Build For You? Customer Service 800-989-5166 Today.

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Bath Tubs And More Is A Custom Copper Design Store.  We Do Not Carry Mass Marketed Products In Stock. By Custom Designing Your Copper Sink, You Can Build To Any Size Or Design You Wish. We Offer Over 200 In Store Decorative Designs For Creating Gorgeous, Customized Sinks, Or You Can Email Us A Photograph Of A Custom Design You Love.             Coupon Available:  Copper  Save 7% Off.  Offer Ends Without Notice. 
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copper oval sink with coffee patina finish

Oval Or Round. Build To Any Size!
OCS-RCS 319 Custom Tile Added
Patina Finish: Coffee

Oval Or Round. Build To Any Size!
OCS-RCS 322 Spring Patina Finish: Coffee For The Bowl And The Design

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Oval Or Round. Build To Any Size!
OCS-RCS 301 Patina Finish: Desert Rose (Custom Patina Finish).

Oval Or Round. Build To Any Size. OCS-RCS 315 Dragonfly Pattern. Patina Finish: Brown Choose Rounded Rim Or Flat Rim.

copper oval sink with leaves and flowers design

Oval Or Round. Build To Any Size. OCS-RCS 101 Flowers  Sink Patina: Coffee Patina. Design Patina: Old Penny

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BCS-026  Gorgeous Pattern. Patina: Brown.  Choose Oval Or Round, Flat Or Rounded Rim For Drop in Or Under Mount Installation.

Oval Or Round. Build To Any Size:
OCS-RCS 303 Swoops & Scoops
Patina Finish: Mate Copper
Choose From (16) Patina Finishes.

Oval Or Round. Build To Any Size! OCS-RCS 303 Swoops & Scoops Patina Finish: Dark Patina With Old Penny Design.

Oval Or Round. Build To Any Size! OCS-RCS-310  Patina Finish: Brown And High Gloss Lacquer Finish Applied.

Build Oval Or Round BCS-027 Built In Golden Bronze With Rounded Rim For Drop In Installation. Beautiful Copper Sink With Delicate Design Carved.

Build Oval Or Round BCS-027 Built In Dark Patina. Flat Rim For Under Mount Installation. View More Designs & Pricing

Build Oval Or Round BCS-023 Built In Coffee Patina. Absolutely Stunning.

OCS-319 With Custom Designs

You Are Visiting Bath Tubs And More’s Design Store.  Our Design Store Features Photographs Of Copper Products We Have Built, Along With Custom Design Option Pages.  View Copper Sink Pricing

The OCS-319
in Coffee with Old Penny Patina Designs, Was Built With Copper Tiles CT-078 Deer & CT-017.  Add Up To (6) Different Tiles If You Wish.  How You Design Your Copper Sink Is Up To You.

We Also Offer Copper Vessel Sinks – Double Wall Or Pedestal

copper pennington sink

Copper Pennington Sinks. Choose From (16) Patina Finishes. Build To Any Size. You Choose The Faucet Holes (If Any) And Their Location.

OCS-319 (Plain)Sink With Custom Copper Tiles Added.  The Customer Add The Same Tiles To Her Copper Shower Pan. Flat Rim For Under Mount Installation.  View More Designs & Pricing

OCS-319 (Plain) Sink That A Customer Created An Original Border Tile Design. Simply Gorgeous!

copper rectangle drop in or undermount sink

Copper Rectangle Sink. Choose From (16) Patina Finishes. Flat Rim For Under Mount Installation. Patina: Coffee

Copper Rectangle Sink. Custom 1″ H Top Rim For Drop In Installation.  View More Designs & Pricing

Copper Rectangle Sink  1″ W Top Rim. Under Mount Installation. Patina: Brown-Dark. Smooth Surface Texture Finish.

OCS-319 Plain.  Plain Means No Design Added.  Smooth Or Hand Hammered Finish Available. View More Designs & Pricing

Take Our Plain Sink OCS-RCS-319 And Add Any Of Our (100+)  Copper Tiles Or (45) Apron Fonts To Create A One Of A Kind Copper Sink For Your Home.  Choose (2) Patina Finishes To Create Gorgeous Copper Designs.  Need Help Creating A Copper Tile Pattern?  Call Customer Service At 800-989-5166.  We Will Happily Suggest Copper Tile Designs For Your Copper Sink.

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