Store Policies

Bath Tubs And More reserves the right to refuse service to any customer.  Customer’s who are abusive, use fowl language, who are threatening in any manner or use intimidation against any representative of Bath Tubs And More will be refused service.  No exceptions.
Shipping Policy

Do Not Accept Damaged Products.  If you accept damaged product by signing for the product in “good condition”, the carrier is responsible for providing repair / product cost reimbursement for hidden damage. You must submit damages to the carrier directly (Federal Express, DHL, UPS, USPS, etc). Once you sign for your shipment, ownership transfers to you.  We highly recommend you inspect all products received prior to signing the bill of lading. We do not offer refunds for, nor do we allow the return of damaged products the customer signed for in “good condition”.  Once the customer has provided requested photographs of damaged products and the claim has been initiated with the freight company for freight damage (during the freight companies allotted time period for hidden damage claims), we are happy to work with the customer to provide a replacement product at no charge. Orders that are cancelled because the product arrived damaged, does not void store policy for purchasing through Bath Tubs And More.  Once the carrier is in possession of a product, liability for the safe delivery of that product falls to the carrier to provide.

Bath Tubs And More At Their Discretion, may provide a replacement product to the customer during the freight claim process.  The customer must dispute the hidden damage claim with the freight company.  It is not Bath Tubs And More’s responsibility to assist with the hidden damage claim, however, Bath Tubs And More may offer assistance at their own discretion. If the freight company does not find in favor of the customer, the customer is responsible for the full cost of the replacement product to Bath Tubs And More.  Failure to remit payment will result in court action and additional fees.  Payment for replacement products provided to the customer by Bath Tubs And More during the claim process, that ultimately are not covered by the freight company, must be paid for in full upon denial of damage claim.

Free Freight for (48) states is for local deliveries that are within the common carrier’s daily service area only.  If you live outside the daily service area, additional freight will be charged.  Read below for rural deliveries, water freight or other freight restrictions for our free freight policy.  There are some areas in the US we cannot deliver to.  If you live in a remote area, please make sure delivery is possible prior to placing an order.  Orders accepted and built cannot be cancelled due to freight issues.  It is up to the customer to make sure their shipment can be delivered to their delivery address.

For Customers Who Reside Outside The Carriers Normal Delivery Area, additional freight will be charged to the payment method on file. Our statement of (48) states includes freight, is for areas that are serviced on normal, regular routes by common carriers that DO NOT included additional fees for remote / third party delivery. Those customers who require air or water delivery, or who reside outside the Continental US (47 states) or who reside in isolated areas not included within common carriers regular delivery areas, additional freight charges will be applied by the original carrier making delivery.

 For Those Customers Who Reside Outside A Carriers Normal Delivery Area Where No Service Is Available, the customer will be required to pick up their shipment at the carrier’s nearest terminal location. Bath Tubs And More does not arrange for delivery outside the carrier’s normal delivery area.  We also do not guarantee curb side delivery to all delivery addresses in the US.  Customers purchasing products through our web site or by phone, agree to pay any additional fees for delivery, or to pick product up at the carrier’s terminal. The act of shipping a product to an address provided by the customer, does not guarantee curb side or residential delivery.  Additional charges will be billed to the credit card on file.
Customers Who Reside In Remote Areas Are Aware Of Freight Delivery Fees And Obstacles. The customer’s failure to disclose restricted delivery access to Bath Tubs And More, does not legally bind Bath Tubs And More to provide curb side delivery to that address. Customers returning product may not have residential pick up for those shipments, if they reside in a rural area out side of the carriers normal service area. Those shipments may require drop off at the carrier’s nearest authorized drop off center by the customer.  Failure to return product to Bath Tubs And More will result in the customer being charged for said product, regardless of the reason the product was being returned.  It is the customer’s responsibility to have proper access to their property for delivery.  We cannot deliver to steep driveways, unmaintained roads that are not passable, narrow streets or roads where the truck cannot turn around.  If the truck cannot make a safe delivery, the shipment must be picked up at the terminal location.

Changing Delivery Address Once The Product Has Shipped.  Please note for all change of delivery addresses, once the product has shipped, there is a $100.00 fee. Freight companies impose an $80.00 – $95.00 change fee for shipments. Change of address creates additional paperwork for Bath Tubs And More as those changes must be submitted to the carrier.  The new address must be within the normal delivery area for the carrier making delivery. If the address is a remote address, additional fees will apply, per our policy.  If shipped to a new location, additional freight fees may apply.  Change of address requests will delay the arrival of products. Once a product has delivered to the shipping address, we can not forward or reship the product.  It is the customer’s responsibility to verify the shipping address on their invoice.

Refusal To Accept Product Upon Delivery.  Other then for damaged freight, customers who refuse shipment upon delivery are still responsible for the cost of their custom order.  Product that has been built and approved, can not be returned.  Refusing to accept a shipment does not nullify the contract to build the product for the customer.  Additional fees may be due for the product to be redelivered or for freight to move product to a storage location or returned to the factory. All fees associated with a refusal of shipment will be billed to the customer.
Please Allow Up 4-8 Weeks For Delivery, Depending Upon The Product Ordered.  All delivery times are estimated as unforeseen circumstances can delay orders.  Please do not schedule your contractor until product arrives. Customer is responsible for all fees associated with their contractor, delayed installation; included by not limited to rescheduling, missed appointments, wrong product received, etc. 
International Sales
Please contact Customer Service at 800-989-5166. Smaller purchases such as Copper Sinks, Copper Murals, Copper Tiles can be dropped shipped directly to Canada, for an additional shipping fee. Larger purchases such as Copper Bath Tubs, Copper Shower Pans, Copper Range Hoods, etc are shipped to a USA address provided by the customer (normally a freight terminal), then the customer arranges transportation from that freight terminal forward.  We do not export large products and we do not cover export fees or taxes.  All fees associated with exporting / importing products is the responsibility of the customer.
Custom Designing Copper

Copper Product Sizing:  All Copper products are handmade.  Overall measurements are given as a reference only.  Each product may differ slightly from the size listed.  Please allow a small + / –  (1/4″ average) in final measurement details. Line drawings are presented as a reference only. Products built to the + / –  (1/4″ average) allowance are considered built to said specifications. Please wait for your product to arrive prior to preparing installation area.

Copper Products:   Please read Caring For Copper Products. Copper products are dropped shipped from the manufacture.  The manufacture does not accept returns, so please make sure you order the correct size. Before shipping, you will be provided with final measurements of the product for approval, along with photos of the patina finish.  Please make sure all design options you chose were added.  We ship products on the customer’s approval.  If design options are missing and we received customer approval to ship the product, BTAM is not liable for damages. All Copper products are handmade, therefore final size may vary.  All sales are final. 

Custom Designed Product And Our Return Policy:  Customer may custom design allowable copper products. Customer must provide product specifications in a form of an approved line drawing for the manufacture.  Pricing, time period to build said product will be provided by the manufacture at the time of order.  Time frame to build is an estimate only, as unforeseen circumstances may occur.  All custom made products are non-returnable.  Custom made refers to all copper products where customer selects patina finishes, lacquer finishes, sizing, apron front, etc. to custom design a copper product to their liking. Bath Tubs And More does not accept any responsibility for the functionality of the final custom design.  Product modified by the customer (to any extent)  voids the manufacture warranty.  It is up to the customer to provide the proper installation design and sizing for the copper product they are having built.  Modifications after the product has been built to the approved line drawing, falls to the customer to warranty their design changes.  We build to the customer’s approved specifications only.  How well a product fits the installation area is the customer’s responsibility when approving their line drawing.  Bath Tubs And More does not offer nor do we provide modifications to custom built products once received by the customer. Any and all changes to a custom product must be done prior to the product shipping the manufacture.  The manufacture does not accept returns of products that were built to the customer’s approved line drawings. Products returned without an RGA number or prior approval will not be accepted.  Product accepted without an RGA number or prior approval will be held in-house for 30 days.  Acceptance of freight does not mean the product has been accepted for return or that a credit will be issued for the product. If the customer does not want the unauthorized returned product to be disposed of, then the customer must arrange and pay for the return freight of said product within the 30 day period. After 30 days, the product will automatically be disposed of.  No compensation for disposed product is offered or stated.  Forcibly returning a non-returnable product does not provide the customer with any financial compensation.  For all disposed of products, the customer will incur a fee of no less than $100.00 for services provided.

Any Suggestions Or comments From Bath Tubs And More Regarding The Design Of Custom Products, are for reference only. The customer makes and accepts final design decision. All sales are final.  If there is a warranty or design issue with a custom product, the customer must provide required photographs requested to verify their claim.  Customers who refuse to provide the required documentations; photographs, measurements, etc, their claim will be voided,  as proof has not been adequately provided of an error or defect in the copper product.

Order Cancellations:  You may cancel an order up to 48 hours of it’s placement, without a penalty being applied.  After 48 hours a 25% restock fee will be applied, regardless of the reason the order was cancelled.  Orders built that meet our standard store quality guidelines, that are built to the size requested, along with patina finishes, surface texture, etc but customer elects to cancel the order, a 50% cancellation fee will apply – if cancellation is approved by Bath Tubs And More. If cancellation is not approved, full amount of the order will remain due. Cancellation is up to BTAM management to decide.  Orders that have been entered in to our system to be built that the customer needs to cancel to redesign the order or add updates, a $75 cancellation fee is accessed.  Before giving authorization for a product to be built, please make sure the order is correct as stated. Customer agrees to abide to our terms when placing their order either verbally or online. Orders that arrived damaged by freight carriers, that the customer does not allow us the opportunity to replace said product, a 10%-25% restock fee will be assessed to the order cancellation.  No exceptions.

Customers May Provide A Photograph (Or Line Drawing) Of A Custom Design for their copper product order. Bath Tubs And More’s graphic department will size the design image to the product being purchased. One small change to the design is allowed, per product. After the first change is made, a design fee will be charged per product.  The cost of the mock image or design change is based on the order. One mock image allowed per product ordered, unless authorized by Bath Tubs And More.  A design fee will be accessed for customers wanting multiple mock images of their product designed with multiple decorative designs.  Fees range from $25.00 to $100.00 per image depending upon the product being designed.

Specification Sheets For Custom Designed Products. Specification sheets are required for certain custom designed copper products.  We offer one line drawing per product, with one small change allowed per drawing.  If a second drawing is required, a fee will be charged. For some custom orders, the customer may be required to supply their own line drawings. The cost for drawings that are provided for a paid-for order that has been cancelled, will be deducted from the original purchase price. Custom line drawings provided for orders that were cancelled (for any reason) will be billed at a minimum $100.00 per drawing. The fees for the line drawing(s) remained due, as the customer is in possession of a paid for product (re: line drawing) created for the cancelled product, which has monetary value.  The basic fee for line drawings is as follows: Copper Mantel Shelf $100.00.  Copper Fireplace Mantel $250.00. Copper Kitchen Sink $250.00.  Copper Drainboard Sink $250.00. Copper Shower Pan $250.00. Copper Lavatory Sink $100.00.  Copper Range Hood $250.00. Delivery times for custom products is based on the final line drawing approval by the customer. Products built to line drawings that are + / – (1/4″ average) are considered built to said specifications.  All delivery times are estimated. Unforeseen delays can arise due to holidays or difficulty in building custom products ordered, or various other situations that may arise that are out of our control.
For Line Drawings of “Exclusively Designed Products“, aka products offered exclusively by the Bath Tubs And More or created exclusively by Bath Tubs And More as a “one of a kind” for the customer,  Bath Tubs And More retains full ownership rights of all drawings provided. Those drawings may not be copied or modified in any manner to build products elsewhere, whether for personal or commercial use without written consent by Bath Tubs And More.  Violation of this policy may result in legal recourse.  Images of copper products built by Bath Tubs And More are copyrighted and solely owned by Bath Tubs And More.  Customers agree to these terms by purchasing through Bath Tubs And More. Photographs of custom copper products are displayed on our websites.
Exclusive Line Drawings Are Included In The Purchase Price Of Custom Product, unless otherwise stated.  However, if the order is cancelled for any reason, Bath Tubs And More reserves the right to charge a minimum of $500.00 for the labor and time involved in creating an exclusive line drawing(s). Minimum payment of $500.00 does not infer ownership rights of said line drawing(s) to the customer, as Bath Tubs And More retains all legal rights to the exclusive line drawings. Payment is to subsidize the cost of labor and time spent working with the customer and the manufacture to create the final design of the exclusive product.
Bath Tubs And More’s Agreement With The Customer To Cancel An Exclusive Product Order, does not render the minimum $500.00 payment invalid.  Exclusive in-house line drawings.  Line drawings of standard copper products that are not modified from their original drawing, are excluded from the exclusive designed statement.
Patina Finishes.  Bath Tubs And More offers a large selection of patina finishes.  All patinas are hand created, so no two patinas are ever the same.  We offer one patina change at no charge of the original patina selected per product. Example:  If you choose Coffee Patina and the patina is too, dark, we will attempt to reapply a lighter Coffee Patina Finish.  Any patina change request after the first free change, or if the customer selects an entirely new Patina Finish, a fee will be charged based on the product purchased.  Copper Lavatory Sink $50.00.  Copper Kitchen Sink $75.00 – $125.00 (depending on size of sink).  Copper Tiles $5.00 per tile.  Copper Range Hood $125.00.  Copper Mantel Wall Self $75.00.  Copper Fireplace Mantel (Full) $175.00.  Copper Shower Pan $100.00 – $200.00 (depending on size of pan).  Interior Patina Copper Bath Tub $125.00.  Exterior Patina Copper Bath Tub $125.00.  Interior / Exterior Patinas Copper Bath Tub $250.00. Patina finishes will change color in different lights, as multiple patinas are blended together to create the final patina finish.   Each one of the patina strands will show through in brighter or darker light.  In purchasing copper, the customer understands that the patina finish will be unique to each product it is applied to and that a consistent, unchanging patina finish is not possible.  Patinas of the same finish will vary in final coloring.  Customers who prefer a one dimensional, uniform color, should not purchase copper products.  Variations in patina finishes are not a defect, but a natural occurrence for copper.  New Coffee, Dark Splattered, Brown Splattered, Raw Copper are designed to be artistic in their coloring.  Patinas are applied by fire, therefore, there is no way to control the final look of the patina finish. Some patina finishes may have a stronger dark splatter appearance than another copper product with the same patina finish applied.  This is a natural result of the chosen patina finish.  Because copper is unique to it’s self, we can not “match colors” of other home products that are not of a copper base. Mixing stone and ceramic tile with copper is very pretty, but the copper patina will not match the stone or ceramic tile perfectly, as they are entirely different materials. For the best end results, we recommend purchasing your copper product first, before investing in stone, marble or ceramic tile.  Copper patinas exposed to air and water will naturally age by creating brown spots on the surface. Regular care with a wax designed for copper will help reduce the aging process.  No warranty coverage is provided for copper that has aged naturally or for copper that has been mistreated by chemical compounds being used on the copper surface.
Store Pricing
Displayed Pricing: Pricing shown, to our best knowledge is correct. Should a pricing error occur, we reserve the right to sell the item at the pricing shown or to correct product pricing to the current pricing available. Customer has the right to cancel order due to incorrect pricing without a 25% cancellation fee. No other reimbursement for damages due to improper product information, pricing or delivery time of product is provided.
Products Received Incorrectly Or Missing Parts
Products Received Incorrectly For Any Reason, customer must notify Bath Tubs And More within 15 days of receipt.  No exceptions.  Customer must retain the original crate and packaging material for the return freight. If the customer has discarded the original crate and packaging material, customer must provide a new crate at their own expense. If product is not returned, customer agrees to pay the full purchase price for that product, regardless of why the product was being returned. All returns must be shipped within 15 days of a return authorization. Failure to ship products or to allow pick up of said product, will result in the customer being charged for the full price of that product.  Customers who refuse to package and crate return shipments in the manner they were received for pick up, accept the product “as is”. 
Replacement Products Shipped To The Customer, are paid-for only if the original product has been returned to Bath Tubs And More.  If the customer refuses to return the original product or allow for the pick up of that original product for any reason, then the customer agrees to pay the full price of the replacement product.   Customer must work with the carrier picking up the original product by making that product available for pick up and being available in person at the time of pick up by the carrier, should their presence be deemed necessary.  Product must be well packaged for a safe return to Bath Tubs And More.  Product that is not well packaged and arrives with additional damage, will not be accepted, nor will a credit be issued for the return product.  Bath Tubs And More will not pay a third party to package and ship the return product.  If customer refuses to package and ship a return product, then customer agrees to accept that product “as is”, without any further compensation by the manufacture and thereby releases both the manufacture and Bath Tubs And More from any further liability or obligation regarding said product.
Custom Products Installed Are Accepted “As Is”. Please make sure product received is correct prior to installing. Installation and removal cost are at the customer’s expense. Product received incorrectly can be returned for a full refund, as long as it has not been installed or modified. Products that have been modified by the customer to fit their installation area, warranty is null and void.  Custom copper products must be installed as designed by the approved line drawing.  No warranty coverage is provided for the customer’s modification to the custom product.  Modifying a product may effect the structural integrity of the product or cause damage to the product. Modifying includes, but is not limited to, cutting, altering the patina finish, installing improperly, abusing the product by rough care, failing to install the product as it was designed and built to be installed or applying chemical products to the surface finish. Any or all said modifications voids the Manufacture’s Warranty in it’s entirety.  For products not received as stated, customer must notify Bath Tubs And More within 7 days of receipt, if products are not as ordered. Returns must be shipped within 3 business days once an RGA has been provided.  Shipment is freight prepaid.  Product stated as built incorrectly will be inspected upon receipt.  If the product is found to have been built to the specifications the customer provided, or to our standard design policy, then no refund will be made for the product.  If freight was pre-paid by Bath Tubs And More and the product was verified as built as ordered, the customer’s charge card will be billed for the return freight fee, or an invoice will be sent for payment, if payment for the product was made by check.  Bath Tubs And More will not pay to ship product not covered by warranty back to the customer.  Return freight for product not covered is the customer’s responsibility.  Before returning product, please make sure the product is covered by our warranty terms and conditions.  Product damaged due to improper packaging or damaged on site and returned for credit, will not be covered.   By agreeing to purchase product from our company, the customer agrees to Bath Tubs And More policy terms.
Manufacture Warranty Policy Governs All Returns And Warranty Claims. Bath Tubs And More does not offer or provide warranty on products sold.  Products that have been modified are non-returnable. No payment will be issued for any modifications made to the original product by the customer. Customer accepts full liability for all cost associated with altering products.  All returns must be shipped freight prepaid. COD shipments will not be accepted. No other reimbursement is offered.  We do not pay for third party companies to make repairs to our products, unless written approval by Bath Tubs And More has been provided. Customers who engage third party companies to make repairs or changes of any kind to their custom products, are responsible for the third party companies fees, as well as the end results of those modifications.  Manufacture warranty is voided.
Installed Products, Product Missing Parts, or damaged packages cannot be returned for a refund and will be returned to the customer freight collect. All shipping and handling charges are non-refundable. All product must be in “like new condition”.  Returns must be shipped freight pre-paid. COD shipments will not be accepted. Any damaged products received will be returned freight collect. All warranty claims must be addressed to the manufacture, by filling out and signing the manufacture’s Warranty Claim Form. Bath Tubs And More does not offer nor imply any said warranty for any products offered on our web site.  All warranty issues are governed by the manufacture’s warranty policy.
For Copper Warranty Issues, the customer will be provided a Warranty Claims Form. This form must be filled out, signed and returned within 10 days of receipt. In the case of a replacement product being sent, the original product must be returned freight pre-paid, with a traceable tracking number for the return shipment.  No replacement products will ship the factory, without the original product being returned in “like new condition”, or stated condition per the Warranty Claim Form. Orders for warranty products will be placed once the original product has been returned.  Products installed or modified (in any manner) cannot be returned for warranty coverage.
Product Warranty Covers Normal Use Of Products Only.  Warranty starts the day the product ships the factory, not the day the product is installed.  Products that have been used in a manner that is not associated with normal use and care such as; filling tubs/sinks with hot water above 102 degrees or water high in mineral content (minerals may have a negative reaction to the living copper patina), applying chemicals to the surface finish (which includes, but is not limited to; cleaners, sea salts, bath salts, baking soda, vinegar or any other non-recommended ingredient), rough handling of the product or failure to maintain proper patina care, are not covered under the manufacture warranty.  Foods with an acid base can damage the patina surface if left sitting in the bowl.  After use of your copper product, clean with soft soap and wipe the surface dry with a soft cloth.  Any attempt to alter the surface texture finish, such as removing the lacquer coating (if applicable) or altering the original patina finish, voids all warranty coverage.  The lacquer coatings (if applicable) can be damaged by water temperatures above 102 degrees or by chemicals applied to the surface or to the water.  The lacquer finish (if applicable) is warrantied for 6 months with normal use and care. Variations in the patina finish are not a defect, but are considered a natural state for patinas.  Patinas will darken and change over time with use.  Patinas not cared for by waxing, will eventually turn green, which is a natural aging process for copper.  Patinas by nature are imperfect in appearance.  Products built with a weld, that weld carries a limited 10 year warranty not to break or leak, based upon normal use of the product.  Product that has been altered from it’s original shape or design, or not installed as the manufacture built the product to be installed, or has been used in a rough manner or dropped, are not covered by the limited weld warranty.  After 4 years of use, replacement cost of products will be prorated based on their purchase date.  As with all warranty claims, images and documentation must be provided to show proof of loss.
Warranty For Faucets And Other Products
Faucets, Drain Kits, Accessories: Faucets and Drain Kits may be returned within 15 days of receipt for a refund, minus a 25% restocking fee. The 25% restock fee cannot be waived. Please email or call us for an RGA (Return Authorization Number) before returning product. Freight is prepaid to return items. COD returns will be refused. Packages without an RGA number on packaging label will be refused. All products must be returned in original packaging.
Product Accepted For Return
Credit Will Be Applied Once A Returned Product Is Received In “Like New Condition” And Merchandise Has Been Inspected And Counted. Only those items that have been given an authorization number for return will receive credit.  Products returned without authorization will not be accepted.  Credits/ returns are processed 7-10 days after product has been processed in-house.   No returns are accepted after 15 days of receipt. No exceptions. 
International Sales
International Sales: Standard store policy regarding returns and custom made products apply to International sales, unless otherwise stated. Other terms and conditions do apply.  For more details please read: International Sales
Free Or Bonus Gifts With Purchase
Free Or Bonus Gifts Are Provided Based Upon Paid Orders.   Should customer return said product or cancel their order, free bonus gifts must be returned freight prepaid, in like new condition.  Free items not returned, or not returned in “like new condition” will be billed to the customers credit card on file, or billed via invoice at current pricing.  Bonus gifts ship when the customer’s product ships the factory.  Freight is pre-paid for the (47) states.
Charge Backs

Unfair Or Unreasonable Charge Backs Filed By Customers Wrongfully, will be met with legal recourse. Bath Tubs And More strives to provide quality service, quality products and to work fairly and honestly with our customers.  Our customer satisfaction is important to us as is our reputation.  By purchasing product through our store, customers agree to work with us during our warranty process.  Charge backs filed without allowing Bath Tubs And More to follow our normal store policy, will be met with resistance. See legal disclaimer for more details.

Privacy And Legal Disclaimer
Privacy:  We do not collect any personal, identifiable information online. Cookies used by Google Analytics are general in nature. We do not sell or market email addresses or customer’s name to third parties.  All information provided to Bath Tubs And More remains in-house, with the exception to law enforcement.  When required legally and lawfully to provide customer information, we will do so within that context.
Sales In Nevada:  All online sales in our shopping cart are taxed at Clark County, NV sales rate.  For Nevadans who live outside of Clark County, please contact Customer Service at 800-989-5166 to place your order by phone.
Freight Fees And Sales Tax:  Pricing unless otherwise stated, includes freight charges with the exception of rural or remote deliveries.  Additional freight fees may apply.  Sales tax is not collected outside of Nevada. However, customers may still owe sales tax to their home state. Please refer to your state guidelines regarding online sales and tax laws that may effect your purchase online, prior to ordering.  Any and all sales tax owed by the purchaser in their home state, is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

Legal Disclaimer: This site may contain other proprietary notices and copyright information, the terms of which must be observed and followed.  Information on this site may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Information, including product pricing, description and availability, may be changed or updated without notice. Bath Tubs And More and its subsidiaries reserve the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, and/or cancel orders in its discretion, including without limitation, if Bath Tubs And More believes that customer conduct violates applicable law or is harmful to the interests of Bath Tubs And More and its subsidiaries. Any court actions must be lodged in the state that Bath Tubs And More is located.  Customer is responsible for court fees, attorney fees and any additional cost incurred from any said court action against Bath Tubs And More.  Charge backs filed that violate our store policy or with fraudulent intent, will be pursued in a court of law for additional damages and losses.  Credit card rulings do not supersede our store policies. By purchasing through our store either online or by phone, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.  If you do not agree to our terms and conditions, please do not purchase products through our store.  Store Policy is subjected to changes without notice. All updates supersede previous Store Policy statements. 

Customer Service 800-989-5166 with questions.