Copper Mantel Photos

                                                     Copper Fireplace Mantel Photographs

Think Of Our Copper Fireplace Mantels As A Blank Canvas. It’s Up To You To Choose The Size, Style Of Mantel, Custom Designs, Surface Textures And Patinas. Custom Designing Copper Fireplace Mantels Is Fast, Easy And Fun! First, Decide On The Size You Require. Then Choose The Patina Finish (16 To Choose From – Mix And Match!), The Surface Texture Finish And The Design Layout.  We Offer Over 200 Store Designs Or Email Us A Custom Design For Your Copper Fireplace Mantel. Phone Orders  Are Welcomed.                                                            

                                                          Customer Service 800-989-5166      

copper fireplace mantel with wild life design

CFM-01 Wild Life    View Pricing And Designs Used

copper fireplace mantel with grecian design

CFM-01 Grecian   View Pricing And Designs Used

We Are A Custom Design Store.  Take Any Copper Product And Add Mix And Match Patina Finishes Along With The 200 Store Designs That We Offer.  Build Our Products To Any Length, Width Or Height.  Have A Design That You Love? We Can Add It To Your Copper Fireplace Mantel.  Just Email Us A Photograph at

Once You Have Submitted An Design And Placed An Order, We Will Provide You With A Template For Your Design Layout.  You Also Will Receive A Line Drawing For Your Approval.  Need To Make Changes?  No Problem. We Build To Your Specifications.  Why Settle For The Ordinary When You Can Create A One Of A Kind Master Piece For Your Home – At Affordable Pricing!

The Designs Options Are Endless.  How Will You Design Your Copper Fireplace Mantel? Call  Customer Service 800-989-5166 To Start Your Custom Order Today..

copper mantel shelf

CFM-04 AF With Inset Style Apron.  Mantel/Shelf Patina: Dark Design Option: AF-29 Lion   Patina Finish: Golden Bronze

CFM-04 AF With Inset Style Apron.  Mantel/Shelf Patina: Dark Design Option: AF-44  Patina Finish Coffee

Looking For A Copper Mantel Shelf?  Or A Decorative Copper Wall Shelf For Your Home?  We Offer Copper Products Built To Any Size. Over 200 Store Designs Available.

Create An Amazingly Beautiful Center Piece For Your Home.  Custom Designing Is Easy, Fun And Affordable.

Mix And Match Patina Finishes. Choose From Our 200 Store Designs Or Add Your Own Custom Design.  We Build To Any Size.

Call Customer Service 800-989-5166 For A Price Quote. You’ll Be Glad You Did!

View Pricing For Copper Mantel / Shelves
View Design Options For Copper Fireplace Mantels & Shelves

CFM-05 CT  Add Copper Tiles To Create A Gorgeous One Of A Kind Copper Mantel Shelf.  Mix And Match Patinas Finishes. Add Your Own Custom Design.

We Custom Build To Any Size.  Call Customer Service At 800-98-5166.