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Our Custom Copper Bath Tubs Are Built To The Customer's Specifications

How To Build A Custom, Old World Copper Bath Tub . The Easiest Way To Order Is By Phone. Call Customer Service Monday - Friday 8:00 A.M.- 5:00 P.M. At 800-989-5166.

  What’s On Sale?                          
Custom Build A Copper Bath Tub To Fit Your Height And Weight For A Truly Comfortable Bathing Experience. Odd Sizes Welcome. Build Your Bath Tub To Fit Your Installation Area, Verses Building Or Remodeling Your Bathroom To Fit Standard Size Copper Bath Tubs.  Copper; It’s What We Do.

                    With Your Copper Bath Tub Purchase, Enjoy $99.00 Copper Lavatory Sinks. 14″ – 17″ Oval Or Round

1) Built Your Copper Bath Tub To Fit Your Body Style For True Comfort. We Custom Build To Your Measurements. Let Us Build You A Copper Bath Tub That You Will Actually Enjoy Bathing In.  Don’t Settle For A Standard Size When You Can Custom Build The Perfect Bath Tub.  We Walk You Through Every Step Of Custom Designing Your Copper Bath Tub.
2) Choose From Our 16 Patina Finishes, (3) Surface Texture Finishes And Over 200 Store Designs.  Mix & Match Patinas For Gorgeous Results.  Found A Bath Tub Built In Stone, Acrylic Or Cast Iron? We Can Build Most Bath Tubs In Copper Using Our Beautiful Patina Finishes.
3) Choose The Size. Odd Sizes Welcomed.  Line Drawings Are Provided For Our Copper Bath Tubs.  Because We Are Building To The Customer’s Specifications, You Can Change Any Measurement Shown To Accommodate Your Installation Area.  Not All Sizes Of Bath Tubs Accommodate All Sizes Of People. With Our Line Drawings If You Need Additional Length Or Width Space On The Bath Tub Floor, We Can Create That Space For You.  Build Not Only A Gorgeous Copper Bath Tub, But A Comfortable One, Too!
4) Choose From (2) Gauges Of Copper. 14 Gauge (Medium) Or 12 Gauge (Thickest). 

5).  Add Decorative Designs To All Our Copper Bath Tubs.  Add Flowers, Wild Life, Farm Animals And Even Your Own Custom Design.  Match Your Copper Lavatory Sink Or Copper Shower Pan Design To Your Copper Bath Tub.  Let Us Create An Amazingly One Of A Kind Copper Bath Tub For Your Home.  Call Customer Service At 800-989-5166 Today!

No Order Ships Without Customer Approval First.   We Even Allow One Patina Change At No Charge. That’s Our Guarantee You Will LOVE Your Custom Copper Bath Tub.        What’s On Sale?    Current Coupons And Discoun
Fantastically Beautiful Copper Bath Tubs.  (16) Gorgeous Copper Patina Finishes And Over 250 Custom Decorative Designs That Can Be Added To Create An Amazing One Of A Kind Copper Bath Tub For Your Home.  Why Settle For A Generic Copper Bath Tub When You Can Custom Build A Master Piece For Your Home?  Call Us At 800-989-5166.


BT-012 Copper Claw Foot Tub With Custom Towel Bar.

BT-005 Copper Japanese Tub With Seat & Grab Bars.
copper tub double wall with new penny

BT-006 Copper Bath Tub Double Wall. New Penny Patina Finish. Smooth Finish. 12 Gauge CopperWho Doesn’t Love Pink!  Stunningly Beautiful And Extremely Comfortable To Bathe In.  Lots Of Interior Space.

copper tub double wall with decorative base

BT-006 Copper Bath Tub Double Wall With Decorative Base. 200 Designs Available For Base.  12 Gauge Copper.  Choose A Rolled Base Or A Rolled Base With A Center Design.  Over 250 Decorative Designs To Choose From.

japanese copper tub with front design

BT-003 Japanese Copper Tub With Apron Front Design AF-03. 200 Designs Available To Customize This Bath Tub. Build With Or Without A Seat. It’s Up To You.

BT-021 Copper Bath Tub , Double Lounger, Double Wall With (2) Copper Pillows. Comfortable, Modern Bath Tub Design. New Coffee Patina Interior With Dark-Brown Exterior.  Mix & Match Our Patina Finishes.  Large Interior Bathing Well.  Fits 2 Bathers Perfectly. Ample Leg Room To Stretch Out And Enjoy Your Bathing Experience.

BT-021 Copper Bath Tub Double Wall With Dual Lounger & Pillows. Build To Any Size.  12 Gauge Copper. Beautiful Rectangle Top With Rounded Sides.  This Unique Copper Bath Tub Stands Out From The Rest.  Please Allow Up To 8 Weeks To Build.  Questions?  Call Us At 800-989-5166.

BT-021 Copper Tub.  Choose Your Patina Finish And Depth.  24″ D Standard.  Custom Rectangle/Oval Design Only At Bath Tubs And More. (2) Copper Pillows With A Dual Lounger And Spacious Floor Bathing Well For A Comfortable Bathing Experience . Call 800-989-5166.

3 copper bath tubs show case
You Are Currently Visiting Our Design Store With Images Of Completed Products And Our Product Option Pages. Click On Any Product To View Our Entire Copper Product Pricing In BTAM’s Shopping Cart.  Copper Double Wall Bath Tub, Model BT-006.  Shown In Raw Copper Exterior With Old Penny Interior and Golden Bronze Exterior With Old Penny Interior. Customer Service 800-989-5166.
We Build Any Copper Bath Tub Design. Provide Us With An Image Of A Bath Tub You’d Like Built In Copper For A Price Quote.  We Can Build Copper Tubs From Acrylic Or Stone Line Drawings. Call Us At 800-989-5166 To Discuss How To Custom Build A Copper Bath Tub For Your Home.  Don’t Forget To Add A Copper Bathroom Sink And A Copper Shower Pan To Your Copper Bath Tub Purchase.
Copper Rectangle Bath Tubs.  Model: BT-015 Rectangle Freestanding.  BT-014 Copper  Claw Bath Tub. Or Our BT-005 Drop In Or Under Mount Bath Tub.  All Rectangle Copper Bath Tubs Can Be Built To Any Length, Width Or Height.  Add An Apron Front To A BT-005 Drop In Rectangle Bath Tub For A Finished Look.  Add Claw Feet For A Rectangle Claw Foot Bath Tubs That Has LOTS Of Interior Seating Space Inside.  Build With A 2″ W Top Rim Or With A Flat Top Rim For A Quirky Appearance.  Custom Design Any Of Our Copper Bath Tubs.
copper rectangular double wall

BT-015 Copper Rectangle Double Wall Freestanding Bath Tub. Build To Any Size. Our Rectangle Bath Tubs Offer A Large Bathing Well.  If You’re Looking For Interior Space, Check Out The BT-015 Or BT-005 Copper Tubs.

copper rectangular bath tub

NEW! BT-014 Rectangle Copper Bath Tub. Our Newest Claw Foot Tub. Lots Of Interior Seating Space.  This Cute, Quirky Claw Foot Bath Tub Offers A Large Interior Space.  Works Great For Two Bathers. 

BT-005 Copper Bath Tub. Drop In Or Under Mount Installation. Build Top Rim To Any Width.  Choose A 5″ W Top Rim On One Side To Store Shampoos And Soaps. Each Top Rim Can Be Built To It’s Own Width.

BT-003 Drop In Copper Bath Tub.  Build To Any Size Or Depth. Shown In Brown-Light Patina.

BT-003 Drop In Oval Copper Bath Tub. Shown In Golden Bronze Patina.

BT-003 Drop In OvalCopper Bath Tub. Drop In Or Under Mount Installation. Build Top Rim To Any Width.  Odd Sizes Welcomed.

Our Signature Copper Rectangle Or Oval Bath Tubs Can Be Drop In, Under Mounted Or Freestanding. For Rectangle Drop In Or Under Mount Copper Bath Tubs, Add An Apron Front To The Front Side, To The Front And One End Side, Or The Front And (2) End Sides. For our Double Wall Tubs, They Come Standard With (4) Apron Front Sides. The Top (4) Rims Can Be Built To Any Width. We Offer Grab Bars, Towel Bars And Bench Seats For Extra Deep Bath Tubs.  Build With Or Without An Overfill Hole.  Copper Bath Tubs Are Installed The Same Way All Other Bath Tub Are Installed.  Tubs Should Sit Firmly On The Floor, Top Rims Of Drop In Tubs Supported By A Wood Frame.  Metal Bench Support Frames Must Install As Designed For Proper Support. Absolutely Everything We Build Is Built To Your Specifications. *  Customer Images Of Our Copper Bath Tubs Installed.                           


copper bath tub with tile flange
BT-005 With (3) 1″ Tile Flanges And Short Front Apron. Ample Sitting Area Inside The BT-005 Copper Bath Tub. We Can Build Our Bath Tubs To Fit Your Body Style.  Short Or Tall, Comfort In Bathing Is Important.
japanese copper tub with seat and handles

BT-005 Drop In Japanese Copper Bath Tub.  W/Seat & Handles.  Build To Any Height, Width Or Depth.  Choose The Height Of Your Seat And Location Of Your Handles.  Want To Add Custom Handles? No Problem.

copper tub with front apron side view

Copper Bath Tub BT-005 With Front Apron; Side View.  Gorgeous Finished Look Without Tiling The Front. You Can Even Carve A Design On The Front Apron.  Match A Existing Design In Your Bathroom.

How To Design My Custom Copper Bath Tub:                            Copper Bath Tub Options
copper bath tub interior
BT-005 Copper Bath Tub Interior Seating Area. Lots Of Room. Choose Your Own Slant For The Back Rest Wall. Everything Is Custom Built.
copper tub front apron with tile flange

Copper Bath Tub BT-005 With Front Apron And 1″ H Tile Flange.LH Side Top Rim Built 10″ W For Shampoos & Soaps. Mix & Match Patinas.

copper bath tub front apron with horse designs
BT-005 Copper Drop In Bath Tub With Front Apron And Wild Horses Carved. Create Amazing Copper Bath Tubs By Carving Designs To The Exterior Or Interior.

Copper Claw Foot Bath Tubs.  No One Builds Gorgeous Custom Tubs Like We Do.  Everyone Of Our Claw Foot Bath Tubs Turn Out Amazingly Beautiful.  Add Any Of Our (3) In-house Claw Feet, Or Add A Custom Claw Foot.  Everything We Build Is Custom. Why Settle For What’s In Stock When You Can Create Amazingly Beautiful Copper Products For Your Home.  No Order Ships Without Customer Approval First.   We Even Offer One Patina Change At No Charge, If You Don’t Absolutely Love Your Patina Finish(es).  We Do Copper Right!

BT-011 Copper Claw Foot. Old Penny Interior With Dark Exterior And  MP-02 Humming Bird Copper Mural.
copper claw foot tub with old penny
BT-012 Copper Claw Foot. Nickel Plated Interior With Coffee Patina Exterior.
copper claw foot tub with towel bar and coffee patina
BT-012 Copper Claw Foot With Custom Towel Bar. New Coffee Patina.Interior.
Our Signature Copper Claw Foot Tubs Look A Bit Different Each Time They’re Built.  You Can Choose A Deep Center Side Slope, Or A Very Subtle Slope For A Straighter Side Rim.   The Side Slope You Choose Also Changes The Depth Of The Bathing Well. We Offer Several Claw Feet You Can Choose From Or We Can Custom Build A Custom Claw Foot From A Photograph.  Remember: Everything We Build Is Custom. Customer Service 800-989-5166. Phone Orders Welcomed.  Custom Design My Copper Bath Tub:   Copper Bath Tub Options
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 No Bathroom Is Complete Without Adding A Copper Lavatory Sink And A Copper Shower Pan.  We Build To Any Size.   Call Customer Service At 800-989-5166.
copper clawfoot in new penny patina smooth surface
BT-012 Copper Claw Foot. Interior And Exterior Old Penny Patina Finish. Old World Smooth Surface Texture Finish.  Pretty In Pink!  A Stunningly Beautiful Bath Tub.
copper tub nickel plated patina

Copper Bath Tub BT-011. Nickel Plated Patina. Coffee Exterior. Smooth (Light) Hand Hammered Texture. #2  Bird Claw Feet Used.  Nickel Plated Patina Finish.

Copper Bath Tub BT-012 Claw Foot. Golden Bronze And New Coffee Patinas. We Offer Custom Patina Finishes. #1 Lion Claw Feet. Brass Finish.

We Have A Large Selection Of Pedestal Copper Bath Tubs. Choose A Double Slipper Or A Single Slipper. Choose A Rolled Base Or A Copper Tiled Flat Base.  Mix & Match Our (16) Patina Finishes To Create Stunningly Beautiful Copper Bath Tubs.  Custom Designing Copper Is Fast, Fun And Easy.  No One Gives You As Many Options As Bath Tubs And More.

copper pedestal bath tub
BT-013 Copper Pedestal Bath Tub With AF-07 Apron Front Design. Add Decorative Designs. 200 In Store Designs Available. Add Custom Designs. Build With Or Without The Ring Handles.
Build Our Copper Bath Tubs To Any Length, Width Or Height.  Add Handles, Custom Design And More. 
                      Current Coupons And Discounts
BT-007 Copper Bath Tub Single Slipper Tub. Add Any Of Our Copper Murals To Our Copper Bath Tubs.  This BT-007 Shows A MP-010 ELK Copper Mural.                    
       Our Copper Bath Tubs Are Amazingly  Beautiful. We Have Over 250 Different Decorative Designs You Can Add To Create A Gorgeous One Of A Kind Copper Bath Tub.  You Can Even Add Your Own Custom Design.
copper tub single slipper with towel bars
BT-007 Copper Bath Tub Single Slipper With Towel Bars. Add Custom Handles Or Order Without Rings. Choose The Height Of The Backrest. It’s Up To You.
Build Copper Bath Tubs To Accommodate Your Height And Weight. You Can Even Build Your Bath Tub To Fit Your Installation Area.  Odd Sizes Welcomed.  We Build To Suit.

We Build The Prettiest Copper Bath Tubs On The Market Today. Compare Our Patina Finishes And Designs To Mass Markets Products. There Is No Comparison. 14 And 12 Gauge Copper. Quality Matters. Let Us Design A Custom Copper Bath Tub For Your Home.  You’ll Be Glad You Did.  Mix & Match (16) Patina Finishes And (3) Surface Texture Finishes For Amazingly Beautiful Results.

                                                                                                          Check To See What’s On Sale Now.

copper tub double slipper with golden bronze patina
BT-013 Copper Bath Tub. Double Slipper. Golden Bronze With Dark Patina.  Build With Or Without Ring Towel Bars.  It’s Up To You.
copper tub single slipper towel bars with coffee patina

BT-007 Copper Bath Tub Single Slipper With Towel Bars. Coffee Patina.  Remove Ring Towel Bars Or Add A Rectangle Towel Handle. Or Choose No Towel Bar At All.

copper tub double slipper with 4inch drain cut out
BT-013 Copper Bath Tub Double Slipper With 4″ Drain Cut Out On Base. For When The Drain Is On A Concrete Floor Or Basement Floor. Drain Attaches Inside The Base Of The Bath Tub For Easy Access And Installation. 
Questions?  Call Customer Service At 800-989-5166.
copper bath tub with rolled pedestal base
BT-010 Copper Bath Tub With Rolled Pedestal Base.
Add Round Beads To The Base Or Build Without.
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copper tub double slipper with copper tile base

BT-010 Copper Bath Tub Double Slipper Copper Tile Base. Over 250 Copper Tiles To Choose From.  Create A Gorgeous Copper Bath Tub.  Mix & Match (16) Patinas.

BT-013 Copper Bath Tub Double Slipper With Handles & Rolled Base. Build With Or Without The Ring Handles.
We Build Custom Copper Products To The Customer’s Specifications.  Build Copper Bath Tubs, Copper Kitchen Sinks, Copper Fireplace Mantels, Copper Shower Pans And More. Odd Sizes And Designs Are Welcomed.  Don’t Settle For What’s In Stock. Custom Designing Copper Is Fast, Easy And Affordable.   

   Order A Copper Bath Tub And A Copper Shower Pan And Receive An Additional 3% Discount. Coupon “Combo”.
Call Customer Service For A Price Quote Today. You’ll Be Pleasantly Surprised How Affordable And Easy It Is To Custom Design A Copper Bath Tub For Your Home. Call 800-989-5166.
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Mix & Match Our Copper Products To Create Amazingly Beautiful Bathrooms. 
Choose A Copper Bath Tub, Add A Copper Shower Pan, A Copper Lavatory Sink And Possibly Some Copper Tiles.
Creating A One A Kind Copper Bathroom Is Easy.  Let Customer Service Help You Design The Bathroom Of Your Dreams.  Call Us At 800-989-5166.  No Order Ships Without Customer Approval First.