Care For Copper Products

 Caring For Your Copper Products

The Copper Gauge Of Our Products Are Thicker Then Most Other Copper Retailers. Therefore, Our Copper Is More Durable, Because Of Their Structural Strength.  To Keep Copper Looking Beautiful, We Recommend Following A Regular Care Routine.

Before Using Your Copper Product, Be Sure To Cover The Copper With A Wax Recommended For A Living Copper Patina.  Renaissance Wax Works Extremely Well In Protecting The Copper Finish. Never Use A Copper Polish As It Will Ruin Your Copper Patina Finish.

Even Copper Products That Have A Lacquer Coating Require Waxing Once A Month. The Wax Provides A Barrier Between The Copper And Outside Elements. Copper Will Naturally Turn Darker As It Ages. A Wax Coating Helps Deter This Natural Process.  Never Fill Your Copper Product With Hot Water Above 102 Degrees.  Do Not Use Bath Salts, Sea Salts Or Other Bath Products In Your Copper Bath Tub.  Chemicals Can Damage The Lacquer Or Patina Surface Of Your Copper Product.  The Lacquer Coating Will Eventually Wear Away.  You May Reapply The Lacquer Coating If You So Choose.

If You Do Not Use A Wax Monthly, The Patina Will Darken Over Time, Small Brown Areas Will Form From Exposure To Air And Water. Eventually The Copper Will Turn Green. Some Customer’s Wish To Allow Their Copper To Age In This Manner. However, To Help Maintain Your Current Patina Finish, Waxing Is Necessary On A Monthly Basis. Whether You Choose To Keep The Original Copper Patina Finish Or To Allow Your Copper To Age, Copper Is Stunningly Beautiful In All It’s Forms.
How To Age Your Patina Finish.  If You Wish The Patina To Eventually Turn Green, Then Do Not Add A Lacquer Coating Or The Monthly Wax Coating.  Without Copper Maintenance For The Patina Finish, The Copper Will Start To Accumulate Brown Spots In Random Areas. On Lighter Patina Finishes, Such As New Penny, Old Penny And Golden Bronze, The Brown Spots Will Be Quite Noticeable.  On Dark Patina Finishes, The Brown Areas Will Blend Nicely With The Patina Finish.  Copper When Introduced To Air And Water, Naturally Forms Brown Areas On The Copper Surface, Which If left To Age, Will Eventually Turn Green Over Time.

After Each Use, Use A Soft Cloth To Wipe Out Your Copper Product.  This Is An Easy Way To Keep Your Copper Looking Beautiful And To Stop The Brown Spots From Forming.

NOT Use Abrasives Or Chemicals On Your Copper Products.  This Will Damage The Living Patina Finish And The Lacquer Coating.  Rinse Out Acid Foods In Copper Kitchen Sink Bowls, Toothpaste Out Of Copper Bathroom Sinks And Residue Shampoos, Conditioners And Soap Out Of Copper Shower Pans And Copper Bath Tubs. After Each Use, Dry With A Soft Towel.

If You Live In An Area With Hard Water
, Water When Let To Puddle, Will Create Water Stains On The Copper. Those Water Stains Will Be Difficult To Remove When Dry. Waxing Your Copper Products On A Regular Basis Is Important.  Wax Helps Create A Barrier Between The Copper And Outside Elements.

To Clean Your Copper Products, Use Gentle Soft Soap And Warm Water. Rinse Thoroughly And Wipe Dry With Your Soft Cloth. Abrasive Cleaners Will Damage The Copper, So Never Use Any Chemicals On Your Copper Products.

If A Deep Cleaning Is Needed, Use A Non-Abrasive, Non-Corrosive Cleaner Such As Simple Green, That Has Been Diluted With Water.  Rinse And Wipe Dry.

Because Copper Darkens Over Time, Lighter Patina Finishes Such As Old Penny, New Penny, Golden Bronze And Mate Copper Require More Loving Care.  Since Copper Ages Naturally Over Time With Use, No Warranty Applies For Copper Patina Finishes.  When Purchasing Copper Patinas In Coffee, Brown Or Dark Patinas, The Aging Process Is The Same. However, The Darker Patinas Do Not Show the Darkening Process As Easily As The Lighter Patina Finishes.

Copper Patinas Are Created By Combining Multiple Patinas Together, To Reach The Final Patina Finish.  Depending Upon The Light The Copper Is Captured In, The Patina Will Change In Appearance. For This Reason, No Two Patina Finishes Are Ever The Same.  Imperfections In Patina Coloring Are Not Considered A Defect, But The Natural Appearance Of Copper.  Copper Will Naturally Darken And Change Over Time. The Lighter Patinas Will All Show New Penny, Old Penny And Golden Bronze In Certain Lights. Coffee, Brown And Dark Patinas Will All Show Red Strands. Patina Is Applied By Fire, So There Is No Way To Control The Final Appearance Of The Copper Patina Finish. Customers Who Want A Uniform, One Dimensional Color, Should Not Purchase Copper Products. With Our Patina Finishes, We Can Not “Match Colors” To Other Home Products That Are Not A Copper Product. 

Should Your Copper Product Require Patina Repair, There Are Patina Repair Kits Available, Along With Videos Of How To Repair The Patina Damage.  One Company That Offers Patina Kits is *Sculpt Noueau. Here Is A Link to Their Website: 

*Before Purchasing A Copper Repair Kit, Be Sure To Research The Product Thoroughly.  We Do Not Recommend Nor Do We Have Any Association With Sculpt Nouveau. The Link Is Provided As A Courtesy Only.  Use At Your Own Risk.
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