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Would You Like To View Custom Copper Products We Have Built? We Love Showing Customers The Excellent Workmanship They’ll Receive In Purchasing Copper From Bath Tubs And More. Every Copper Product Shown On Our Website(s) Was Built By Bath Tubs And More. We Do Not Sell Mass Marketed Products. Copper; What’s New

Some Companies Market Themselves As Custom, But Changing The Length Or Width Isn’t Really Custom. Custom Is When You Build Copper Products To Fit Unusual Installation Areas. Custom Is When You Can Add Installation Options That Make Installing Product Easier And More Manageable. What Good Is Building A Custom Copper Product, If The Design Doesn’t Work Or Has To Be Modified On Site To Fit? We Can Even Build Copper Products That You Have Personally Designed For Your Home Or Commercial Project. Just Email Us Your Drawing (Nothing Fancy Required) And We’ll Take That Idea And Make It A Reality. (support@bathtubsandmore)

Before Buying Elsewhere, Give Us A Call And Let’s Talk. We Provide Line Drawings For Approval On Each And Every Order. You Can Change Any Measurement That You Need To Make The Design Suit Your Project. Need A Bracket, A Flange Or Removable Panel To Make Installation Easier? We Can Do That For You. Once Your Product Is Built, We Provide You With Images And Measurements To Verify The Order Was Built As Stated. We Even Offer One Patina Change At No Charge. That’s Our Guarantee You Will LOVE Your Copper Products.

No Order Ships Without Customer Approval First. That’s Our Guarantee You’ll LOVE Your Custom Copper Product.


Questions, Comments? Contact Us Today 800-989-5166.

Email Is Normally Answered Within (1) Business Day. For Faster Service, Please Call Customer Service During Normal Business Hours At 800-989-5166. Need A Custom Copper Product Built?  Fantastic.  We’d LOVE To Hear About Your Design.

Store Hours: Monday – Friday; 8:00 – 5:00 PST