Pay By Check For 3% Off

Prefer To Pay With A Check, Verses A Credit Card?  We Accept Checks Drawn Off US Bank Accounts, Whether Those Accounts Are Business Or Personal.  We Also Accept Certified Checks, But We “Do Not” Accept Money Orders.  Money Orders Will Be Returned To The Customer Via USPS, First Class Mail.  We Accept No Liability For Money Orders That Are Lost In The Mail.

Should A Sale Price Be Ending The Day You Decide To Place Your Order, just call Customer Service to let us know you are mailing a check within the next 48 hours. The date the envelope is posted at USPS (or any other carrier), is the verified mailing date. Checks mailed after 48 hours are left to the discretion of Customer Service, as to whether the sale price is still valid.

Questions?  Please Call Customer Service At 800-989-5166.

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Corporate Company:  VL Martin LLC
Corporate Address: 3053 W Craig RD Suite E #269 * N Las Vegas NV

To Purchase Your Product By Check, please contact Customer Service at 800-989-5166 with your order details. Customer Service will keep your order on file until payment is received.

You May Also Print Your Order Out Online (from the Shopping Cart) Using “Print And Call“.  Include the order description along with your check. Don’t forget to deduct 3% off the order total for paying with a check.

Once The Check Is Deposited, please allow 5 business days for the check to clear.  Once the check has cleared, you will receive a store invoice for your records. Please note, no orders are placed until the check clears.  Orders are shipped to the address on the check unless otherwise stated.

If You Provide Us With A Certified Check
, the order goes in to the system immediately.

Should A Check Be Returned NSF, we will not be able to process your payment by check. A credit card or certified check would then be required. A $12 fee is charged for a NSF check. For Money Wires, there is a $30.00 fee, which is deducted from the 3% discount.

You May Contact Customer Service at 800-989-5166 to go over order details at any time. Store policy remains the same for orders paid for by check. Checks must be made out to VL Martin LLC.  Checks made out to Bath Tubs And More will be returned.

UPDATE: If Using USPS To Send Payment, Please Send Your Payment Certified So That A Tracking Number Is Available. USPS Is Taking Up To 2 Weeks For Delivery.  UPS Or Federal Express Are Still Delivering On Time.

No Money Orders Accepted

Please Address Your Business, Personal Or Certified Check To:

VL Martin LL C  *  3053 W Craig Road Suite E #269  *  N Las Vegas, NV 89032