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BT-015 Copper Bath Tub Rectangle Double Wall Freestanding.  Patina: Brown-Dark. Surface Texture: Hand Hammered. All (4) Top Rims 2″W. Add A Wider Top LH/RH End Width To Hold Shampoos And Soaps. Custom Design To Meet Your Requirements.
Copper Bath Tub BT-005 Drop In With Front Apron.
All Three BT-005 Added A Custom Design To The Front
Apron.  Choose Whether To Indent The Design (Long Frame) Or To Cave The Design On The Flat Front (No Design – As Shown With The Horse Design Below).
Designs Added To Our Copper Products Turn Out Amazing! Why Settle For Plain When You Can Add a Gorgeous Custom Design To Your Copper Bath Tub.
Use Any Of Our 45 Apron Front Designs Or Email Us An Image For A Truly One Of A Kind Copper Bath Tub. Call Customer Service For Assistance. 800-989-5166.
Copper Bath Tub BT-005 With Front Apron. Shown With A Brown-Dark Patina For The Bath Tub And Design. Customer Chose A Standard Design: AF-42. Our Wild Life Theme. Bear, Pine Cones, Deer & Elk. Tile Flanges Added.
copper bath tub front apron with horse designs

Copper Bath Tub BT-005 With Front Apron. Brown Patina Finish For The Bath Tub. Old Penny With Dark Contrast For The Design. Mix And Match 16 Patina Finishes. Image Shows 1″ H Tile Flanges Added To (3) Sides.

Copper Bath Tub BT-005 With Front Apron. Interior View Of Bath Tub. Large, Open Seating Area For Comfortable Bathing. Brown-Dark Patina Finish. Custom Top Rim Widths. Build To Your Specifications.

Copper Bath Tub BT-005 With Front Apron. Interior Patina Finish Old Penny. Exterior Patina Coffee. LH Side
Large 9″ W Top Rim For Shampoos, Soaps, Candles Or For Bench Seating. (3) Tile Flanges Added 2″ H. No Design Added To Apron.
Custom Copper Shower Pan With Rounded Seat.  (2) Side Walls Welded To Pan With Double Tile Flanges Added For A Glass Shower Door And Glass Wall.  Custom Angled Side.
Custom Copper Shower Pan With Rounded Corner Seat. (2) Copper Walls Welded To Pan. Create Your Own Custom Copper Shower Pan.  Build Your Pan To Any Size, Width Or Height.

New Penny With Dark

New Penny With Dark

Nickle Plated With Coffee

Custom Copper Tiles.  Submit A Photograph Of A Design You Would Like Made In To A Copper Tile.  You Choose The Patina Finishes, Size And Border Trim For Your Copper Tile.
Custom Designing Copper Tiles Is Fast, Easy And Affordable.  Create One Of A Kind Copper Tiles For Your Home. Call Us Today!

Don’t Forget To Check Our Coupon Page For Our Latest Sales & Discounts. Quantity Discounts Available Everyday.  Call Us 800-989-5166 For A Price Quote.

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