Copper Tile Designs

Copper Tile Designs *  Not For Sale  * Images Are Used For Designing Copper Products Only.

You May Use Any Of Our Copper Tile Designs For Decorating Copper Bath Tubs, Copper Shower Pans, Copper Range Hoods, Copper Fireplace Mantels Or Copper Sinks.  The Number Of Copper Tile Designs You Would Use, Depends Upon Which Product You Are Adding Designs To.  A Copper Bath Tub Base Can Accommodate Up To 8 Different Tile Designs.  However, You May Want To Use Just A Couple Tile Designs, To Keep The Layout Simple.  It’s Really Up To You How You Create Your Custom Copper Products.

If You Can’t Find A Tile Design That You Like, Considering Creating A Custom Design For Your Copper Product.  Just Email Us A Photograph Or Line Drawing Of A Design That You Do Like.  Custom Designing Is Fast, Easy And Affordable.

Customer Service Is Happy To Assist You Design Your Custom Copper Products.  Please Call Us At 800-989-5166.

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